It is imperative to take regular care of a carpet after you have incorporated an inexpensive one at your place. It gives you long lasting benefits and ensures that you have orderly and spanking new environs. Though vacuuming alone will not solve the purpose of cleaning, you will have to look at other ways too. So you should have some idea of carpet cleaning tips.

Your carpet would live a better life if it is cleaned everyday. But that is not a viable option to vacuum everyday when it comes to reality. Twice a week is sufficed for a higher traffic area. Most of the times, dust gets entrenched to the lowest layer of the carpet weaving. Hence it calls for thorough cleaning. It is best to clean it back and forth and sideways in a repeated motion. Clean the area again and again in parallel rows and side by side around seven times in coarse strokes.

There are few other popular methods of carpet cleaning tips beyond vacuuming it. You can shampoo a carpet and leave it for a while. It absorbs the dirt from the lowest layer and then let it dry. Vacuuming afterwards is a better solution to it. Or otherwise, you can use a steam clean method. Spray a liquid cleaning agent, which will absorb the dust particles and bring them to surface. The steam clean machine will clean this dirt from the surface.

Well, as far as cleaning and washing a carpet is concerned, all the above mentioned carpet cleaning tips are good. But what when some guests leave a stain on it? It is not possible to avoid all such circumstances. One or the other time someone is going to bring in dirty shoes, or step with muddy feet or drop a piece of food. The secret behind leaving it stain-free is to act instantly.

When such a situation arises, do not rub in any of the spilled material on carpet. The fibers will absorb it and the stain will settle deeper. Soak the excessive liquid with the help of tissues and blot it. Do not let the stain to wear out and become permanent. Though various liquids are available in the market, but some home remedies can also do the trick.

For oil spots, corn starch and baking soda can be used as cleaning agents. Stubborn stains of coffee and chocolate can be removed by the use of vinegar. Even blotting soda can be helpful with a dry cloth as the soaking agent. These cleaning tips are really good and effective.

Apart from having the awareness of carpet cleaning tips, there can be a different way out for a cleaner home. Avoid getting it dirty at the first place. Place shoes at the entrance of the house to make your home a shoe-free zone. This will require for you to put spare slippers for them as even bare feet can harm your carpet.

With the shoe replacement, the placement of a mat is necessary. This will allow people to wipe their feet and clean it while changing slippers. Also place one mat outside the door of your house. It should be big enough for people to wipe the excessive dirt before they even enter your house. And always remember to clean these mats regularly.

After a certain point in time, these mats grow saturated of mud and dirt. Thus they do not absorb any more and the dirt starts entering your house. A careful eye on your cleanliness can save your carpet for ages and retain its beauty. Hence, be consistent in whatever you do and try to incorporate some of these carpet cleaning tips.